Web Resources: Pinterest for Teaching and Learning

For the past few months, I’ve been circling Pinterest, trying – with a half-hearted effort – to gauge its usefulness in the classroom.   After some experimentation, I decided it was worth keeping as resource in my online toolkit.    The bookmark stays and now I’m waiting for an opportunity to deploy it with my students.   For those interested, you can see my board here.

With this in the back of my mind, I was happy to see that Edutopia has pulled together a great collection of video resources  for teachers on Pinterest.    Here is link to that specific post:  Five-Minute Film Festival: Pinterest for Teaching and Learning | Edutopia.

I’d be very interested to hear feedback on how Pinterest has been deployed in your schools and classrooms.


Teaching Critical Thinking

Teaching Critical Thinking

Edutopia has made available an interesting set of resources and downloads from KIPP King Collegiate High School for teaching critical thinking.   I expect that these will be extremely helpful to integrate into subsequent units of IB humanities.


On 2 August, I will begin teacher orientation at KIS International School in Bangkok.  Throughout my 13 week practicum, I look forward to gaining practical and professional experience at an IB school.   While the principles and contexts underlying the curriculum are familiar to me from my work in and around Education Management, I will refine my mechanics in implementing the curriculum.  Updates to follow on this space!