Project-Based Learning – How my kids and I spent four weeks in Yunnan, China

After weeks of hard work, the MYP2 Humanities class took their places at the roundtable to engage in a two day debate towards a solution to a real world problem.   In their project-based learning unit, entitled ‘River of Life’, MYP2 students strengthened their inquiry skills (and more!) as they tackled the question of hydropower electricity on the Jinsha River (Upper Yangtze) in Yunnan, China.

This activity served as a culminating experience for the students, who drew upon topics from their year of study, including cultural identity, migration and displacement, and human engagement with river systems.

Working independently, the students took on specific character roles** for the debate, addressing questions of alternative energy and environmental and social issues, as they honed their arguments and developed solutions.

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Unleashing Imagination: Caine’s Arcade

I realize I am late to this story, but thankfully it continues!   If you haven’t yet, you should definitely spend a few minutes at Caine’s Arcade, where a 9 year old from LA is on to something great – his imagination.

His story is fantastic, but the next chapter the story gets much bigger – and broader – with global reach.

There are certainly countless other stories like this one.   But, could there be more?  Definitely.    As Educators, how can we give our students space (and encouragement when needed) to imagine new possibilities?      Project-based learning offers a chance, but the wonderful thing about Caine is that created what he loved.   How can we ensure our students get there? Continue reading