MYP1 Humanities in Action!


MYP1 Students in action

MYP1 Students in action

MYP1 Humanities in Action!

 When the students saw the extent of the problem, there was no other option – they needed to take action.

What began as a simple Humanities unit on Earth Systems evolved into an island-wide action project.  MYP1 students (grade 6), age 11-13, took it upon themselves to design, plan and execute two very different, but no less engaging, action projects. With inspiration from our community and like-minded students around the world, the classes divided themselves into two groups and dug in to learn as much as they could on their chosen topics, with focus on the biosphere – all living things – and on coastal conservation – oceans and beaches here in Phuket.  


Inclusive Green Growth

World Bank has summarized its perspectives on Sustainable Development through this excellent info-graphic, entitled ‘Inclusive World BankGreen Growth’.    According to the Bank:  ‘The world’s population is predicted to reach 9 billion people by 2050, and they will all need food, water, and energy.   Our current growth patterns are highly inefficient and stand in the way of truly sustainable development.   The way forward is inclusive green growth…’ Continue reading

Market-ing for Science

Tomorrow we are off to the market – for our first field trip in Environmental Systems and Society class.  Students will work through the Sunday Market to the Plant Market and finish the trip at the Co-Op Agriculture Market.   It’s a great trip, as it gives the class a wide angle view of produce, plants and animals and the economics and interdependence of the various markets.   Addendum:  Here are a few photos from the afternoon:

From the animal market:   Ducks of all ages.  Students also saw Australian Sugar Gliders, all sorts of fish and birds, soft and hard shelled turtles, dogs, cats, snakes and lizards.  On Friday we’ll hear back from their interviews with the shop owners.

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