Using Technology

In following the many lists that came before them, the bloggers at alwaysprepped released a list of habits for highly effective teachers for use of technology in the classroom.   Nothing life changing, but worth a read as one enjoys the last days of the new year holidays!


In early January 2013, I will be starting my first Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on E-Learning and Digital Cultures.   The course is run by the University of Edinburgh and offered through Coursera.

As the course gets under way, I’ll begin to multi-purpose this space – continuing my regular posts, while adding content related to #edcmooc.    Comments and contributions are most welcome!

A launchpad for Humanities?

I’ve been looking at Symbaloo recently, as a platform to collect and share resources for our Humanities classes.   Have a look at what we have so far.  In this example, color-coding is as follows:

  • Brown = School-related
  • Orange = Production tools
  • Red = Online content
  • Blue = Online database

Suggestions for content are welcome as always!

1to1 laptops – perspectives on the potential challenges and benefits

Last year, my school began implementation of a 1 to 1 laptop policy with all students, grades 6-12.  For the most part, this looks like a positive step forward, giving students and teachers access to technologies and resources in every classroom and at every seat.   The initiative, which after a bumpy beginning due to IT related challenges – in and out of school, seems to be firmly established.

In the classrooms I have visited / taught, most students have Mac laptops.  Some are using iPads as their primary tool.  Wifi access in all parts of the school is provided to all registered computers.

While I fully support the availability of technologies in the classroom to support learning, I have begun to wonder if there is empirical evidence to link use of technology to better learning outcomes.   Continue reading