TEDxBKK – “A Culture of Peace”

tedxIdeas worth spreading!   This coming Saturday, TEDxBKK is organizing an event here in Bangkok to explore the possibilities of collaboration and creativity towards a culture of peace.   A great way to end the year and move on to 2013 inspired…


International Day of Persons with Disabilities

Bridging the Education Divide The International Community commemorates 3 December as the International Day of Persons with Disabilities.   The East Asia and Pacific Regional UNGEI has contributed to the important dialogue with a fact sheet focused on girls with disabilities – in and out of school – in the Asia and Pacific Region.

The fact sheet can be downloaded in it’s entirety from the UNGEI website.

Empowering Students to Use and Benefit from Technology

The Innovative Educator recently published an interesting account of student responses to cuts in funding for technology for education.    Manhattan school children (USA) are speaking out and sharing ideas to better use technology to enhance learning.     This is not technology driving the process.   It is rather a call from learners to continue support to innovations that empower students to ‘create, connect, and critically think’.    Find the full post here.