The Daily News

As update to a previous post, our MYP 1 Humanities unit on Current Events is in full swing.  Screen Shot 2014-05-17 at 17.28.19I’ve been totally amazed by the energy and investment in learning from my students.  Collaborating with my former and future colleague @LanaMLautamus from Bangkok, my unit has unfolded with a daily sharing of news.

Every day of class, my students come ready to share a news story they’ve read.  Four students are chosen at random and they step up to the news desk and report.   I’ve been amazed at the depth of their reporting.  To date, they’ve tackled #bringbackourgirls, the continued conflict in the Ukraine, racism in the US, Shariah laws in Sudan, the Indian elections, and media bias in South Africa.  I ask them to summarize the main idea of the story and the main people/groups/countries involved.  We struggle together to understand the story, take quality notes and make connections to global importance.  We’ve been taking short quizzes each Friday using as platform.
Next week, we take a step back to look again at our key concepts:  global interactions, power and causality.   Now that we have some news under our belts, we can begin to relate that to the larger concepts…

As an add-on question in my last quiz, I asked students to reflect on our on-going task.   I asked them this question, ‘Why do you think we are reading and discussing the news every day in Humanities?’  Here are a few unedited student responses:

  • So we can know and be aware of what is happening in the world around us.
  • It connected to the earth and we are trying to help!
  • So we can follow up on the news and learn about it and to see the interesting things the news has for us.
  • I think we are so we get more idea of whats going on in the world instead of being separated from the world and feeling like we are stuck on this tiny island.
  • I think we are reading the news because we need to know what is happening around the world and it gives us a time to share what is important and the bad things that are happening to the world.

Feels like we are on the right track.



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