Design Cycle Challenge

Design Cycle Challenge

This week, KIS suspends regularly scheduled academic programmes for a school-wide Design Cycle Challenge (DCC) week.  Mixed teams (Grade 6-10) join together to research, design, market, and fly balsa wood airplanes.  This is an annual tradition at school and one, which has become somewhat of a signature for the school and most memorable moment for many students.  In short, an awesome week with some serious out-of-the-book/box learning going on.

After a day of rather blind and wild designs on Monday, teams tested their planes, recognized their issues and went back to the lab to retool.   The result were fantastic.   Suddenly, they (mostly) believe – this can work and why!

There are many positive take-aways from the process.  One I appreciate most is the leadership and cooperation that is built through the week.   High-functioning groups do not necessarily have all the budding engineers.   More often, they seem to be the teams that find ways to work together effectively and efficiently.


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