Unleashing Imagination: Caine’s Arcade

I realize I am late to this story, but thankfully it continues!   If you haven’t yet, you should definitely spend a few minutes at Caine’s Arcade, where a 9 year old from LA is on to something great – his imagination.

His story is fantastic, but the next chapter the story gets much bigger – and broader – with global reach.

There are certainly countless other stories like this one.   But, could there be more?  Definitely.    As Educators, how can we give our students space (and encouragement when needed) to imagine new possibilities?      Project-based learning offers a chance, but the wonderful thing about Caine is that created what he loved.   How can we ensure our students get there?

Our challenge – from design through assessment – is to give our students the space they need to be creative, to define new challenges and take risks to answer their own questions and to assess learning on their terms.

Next month, KIS students will be take on the Design Cycle Challenge (here is one students’ brief account of the DCC last year) – an opportunity to collaborate, be creative and compete in project based learning that starts in the sciences, but goes well beyond.   Hopefully the week will inspire creativity in and out of class and give the staff opportunity to reflect on means to bring this spirit of imagination back to their classrooms.


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