Assessing and Scaffolding Research Skills

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Digging a Little Deeper

Research skills are an important facet of being a student in the digital world, and yet these skills are often assessed in very traditional ways. I often see the end product of a research task being assessed; such as students creating a newsletter, writing an essay or completing a presentation. Seldom do teachers try to assess the students ability to use key words, refine search results, make judgements on authenticity and eventually synthesis the results. Whilst they maybe hinted at in the final product the process of searching for information is poorly taught and even more poorly assessed.

As a Digital Literacy Coach, I have therefore been looking at ways of using technology to redefine how we might scaffold students in their research using ideas such as a Google Search Hints, Research Templates and Screen Recording tools to capture student thinking.

Google Search Hints:

Keywords are the keys to unlocking information on the internet…

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One thought on “Assessing and Scaffolding Research Skills

  1. Dear Jon, Google search tips for folks, like me, not accustomed to search strings, exactly . . . & a sweet 7th grade student explaining it. Perhaps your eldest nieces and nephews would relate & benefit . . .? Love, Mom P.S. I didn’t realize last thing was a movie ad until watching.

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