Community Mapping: Empowerment through democratization of information

JFK>>>  This is a nice collection of ideas for community mapping projects with some cool tech integration. I can imagine are all sorts of interesting iterations of this: Map a Fruit Tree in school.   How about:  Urban parks?  Fresh markets?  Recycling Centers?   Whose ready???

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I recently gave a talk about community mapping at a Living Streets Aotearoa meeting. This post contains the examples of community mapping that I mentioned in the talk. All these examples all fall within my general area of research, i.e. social health and wellbeing, and almost all of these examples use google maps.

Note:  By “community mapping”I mean maps made by the community. There are other things it might possible be called or related to: neogeography, participatory mapping, volunteered geographic information, collaborative mapping etc. I didn’t have time to figure out the appropriate name.

Example 1: Mapping the location of fruit and urban edibles

Example 2: Bicycle routes

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