Unpacking ‘government’

Here is how one two groups of 10th graders responded to the open ended question:  ‘What is Government?’    Wallwisher worked well to quickly solicit input from the class at the start of our new unit.    And, while we see a not-entirely-unexpected set of cynical responses, there are some gems here.   All responses serve as a good jumping off point for deeper discussions – particularly as students are engaging in inquiry on how individuals and communities are affected by political ideologies and national systems of governance.

While the classes were able to build up these ideas in a few minutes, Wallwisher wasn’t as effective in quickly sorting and analyzing responses live in the classroom.   I decided that was something that needs to be done most effectively after hours.    We will preserve the wall as is for now and refer back to it from time to time in the class for points of discussion and to measure the development of our ideas.


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