Systems Investigation

Over the past two weeks, Humanities students have been engaged in a personal inquiry project investigating systems.    I’ve written about certain aspects of the unit in posts on assessment rubric and building vocabulary.

With support from the teachers, individuals and small groups have chosen on their own, topics such as the Dewey Decimal System, Public Transportation Systems, the Indian Caste System, the US judicial system and the hydro-electric power system in Thailand.    After a lot of focused and constructive inquiry, over these next two days, results of the investigations will be presented – either with traditional poster or digital presentation.     An interesting angle here, is that assessments will be made on the process of investigation – not the final product itself.   Peer review and self-reflection will be used to extend the learning and build ownership of the inquiry process.

All of this serves as a mini-pilot for a new approach to student-led development of learning objectives, projects and assessment criteria.   More on this will come throughout the term.   For now, here are a few examples from Grade 10:

Indian Caste System

Systems of Classifying Beer  

Thai Government System


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