Market-ing for Science

Tomorrow we are off to the market – for our first field trip in Environmental Systems and Society class.  Students will work through the Sunday Market to the Plant Market and finish the trip at the Co-Op Agriculture Market.   It’s a great trip, as it gives the class a wide angle view of produce, plants and animals and the economics and interdependence of the various markets.   Addendum:  Here are a few photos from the afternoon:

From the animal market:   Ducks of all ages.  Students also saw Australian Sugar Gliders, all sorts of fish and birds, soft and hard shelled turtles, dogs, cats, snakes and lizards.  On Friday we’ll hear back from their interviews with the shop owners.

Plant Market:  Chatuchak Market gets repurposed through the week as an amazing plant market.   Venders bring in plants and trees of all sizes and usually camp out for the two day sale.   By Friday, everything will be cleaned up and trucked back to the nursery until the following week.   Just in time for the weekend shoppers!










Tor Kor Food and Produce Co-Op:  Just across the street is an excellent Co-Op selling high quality fruits, veggies and prepared foods.   This visit will serve as a primer to upcoming discussions on food production systems.   We ended our tour here with a late lunch and freshly squeezed juice before calling it a day.


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