What’s your itinerary? AOI to ATL – building life long learners

The IB approaches teaching/learning with scaffolding and support to the process.   This includes framing Middle Years Programme (MYP) around Areas Of Interaction (AOI) in order to foster connections between subjects.    One of these AOI is Approach To Learning (ATL), which aims specifically to build intrinsic motivation, responsibility and skills to learn within every learner.    The ATL essentially addresses ‘learning to know’ – one of the four pillars of education, presented to UNESCO in the Delors report, ‘Learning:  A Treasure Within‘, looking at education in the 21st Century.   Clearly this is a central concept at the heart of education and the development of a society where learning continues well beyond the classroom.

The challenge with any approach is the measurement of its success.    Irregardless of the obstacles, this is a challenge that must be met.   It was told to me once that we tend to ‘measure what we treasure, and treasure whatever we measure.’    This translates into a call for action for improved measurement of the ATL.    We must measure what we treasure, for it is too easy for those making decisions on policies, programmes and budgets to treasure whatever is measured, or measurable.


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